Ready to hit the hills for some winter fun? Here are a couple dozen spots in the area that are popular for sledding. Who is ready to try them out?

When sledding, safety always comes first, so remember these basic safety tips:

  • Look for obstacles that could make the area unsafe, such as ponds, fences, jumps, bumps, icy patches, etc.
  • Wear a winter sports helmet, especially for kids 12 and under.  A bike helmet at the very least.
  • The safest sleds have breaks and can be steered.
  • Dress warmly and do not wear scarfs, or any clothing, that could get caught in the sled.
  • Children 5 and under should ride with an adult.
  • Always ride facing forward. Never face-first, and never standing.
  • Teach your children to roll off and get away from their sled if they find that they can’t stop their sled.
  • Only 1 Child per sled. Only 1 Child should go down the hill at once.
  • Keep arms and legs inside the sled.

Lemanski Park
400 Oxford Street North

Pakachoag Golf Course
15  Upland Street

5 Brayman Street


Hollis Hill Farms
340 Marshall Street


289 Pearl Street


Holden Hill Golf Course
1800 Main Street


Primary School
170 Paxton Street


826 Leominster Rd


Proctor School
Jefferson Road

North Brookfield

Bennett’s Hill
98 Bigelow St


Dean Park
805 Main Street


Westville Recreation
125 Wallace Road


Burgess Elementary School
45 Burgess School Road


Westborough Country Club
Route 30

West Boylston

Goodale Park
Crescent Street


Greenwood Park
Greenwood and Knox Streets

Holy Cross College
1 College Street

Hadwen Park
Heard Street

Green Hill Park
Skyline Drive

Fairlawn Hospital
189 May Street

Quinsigamond State Park
10 N Lake Street (across from skating rink)

Quinsigamond Community College
670 West Boylston St (Route 12)

100 Institute Rd

The Ecotarium*
222 Harrington Way
*Free with Museum admission. Bring your sleds or borrow sleds from the Ecotarium




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