Due to Covid19, Bancroft Summer is offering remote enrichment and academic options for June and July.  Please visit their website for all the details.


Curiosity makes Bancroft Summer the ultimate summer day camp experience in Worcester. Bancroft Summer is designed for curious campers to try new things, excel academically, and have a ton of summer fun.

Choose from well-rounded day camps to highly focused academic and athletic camps.

Bancroft Summer 
110 Shore Drive, Worcester MA 01605

Discovery Day Camps

Bancroft Summer day camps offer the ultimate summer experience for campers and parents. Campers get to try new things, explore new subjects, and have a ton of fun. Parents get to choose what works with their hectic summer schedule. There is so much to learn and fun to be had by all!

Academic Programs

From their renowned Orton-Gillingham Summer Immersion program to their Executive Function Academy, Bancroft Summer academic camps give the opportunity to focus on specific subject areas, explore new ways of problem solving, and accelerate skills in writing, reading, math, and leadership all summer long.

Athletic Programs

Do you love sports? Want to play soccer and basketball at a whole new level? Bancroft Summer athletic camps give kids the opportunity to train with the Bulldog coaches, grow as players, and develop new technical skills. All for the love of the game.

Specialty Camps

From racing drones to musical theater and community service, Bancroft Specialty camps give the opportunity to really explore what you are curious about. It is the ultimate way to try new and exciting things across STEM and the arts. Plus you will have a lot of fun doing it.

Individualized Instruction & Tutoring

Offering individualized instruction and one-on-one tutoring for campers who need extra attention in special subject areas from math to writing, science, violin, and more.

Check out the full summer schedule list here.

Bancroft Summer
110 Shore Drive, Worcester MA 01605

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