Weeeeeee! Boundless Adventures opens for the season!

Ready for some adventure! Challenge (and surprise) yourself with feats of strength, stamina, agility and bravery as you maneuver through the great outdoors in a range of rope courses for kids and adults at Boundless Adventures in Berlin!

Covid-19 Safety Measures & Practices

Reservations Only
We will be limiting the number of guests to just 25% of our normal capacity. Reservations must be made in advance, and the online waiver must be completed upon receipt of your email confirmation. This will permit us to be OUTDOORS ONLY. There will be no need to check in at registration.

Social Distancing Requirements
With 120 platforms in the trees, 15-20 feet apart, our course provides a natural way to distance. While we will still allow 3 people on a platform if those participants are part of the same family, strangers are asked to wait on the preceding platform until the path is clear. Only 2 people will be permitted on the starting platform at a time.

Sanitation Practices
We will no longer be using communal gloves. We will be selling gloves at our cost ($5.00/pair) or you are welcome to bring your own. Gardening gloves are perfect! Equipment will be disinfected after each use and the course will be cleaned regularly. Hand sanitizer stations will be set up throughout the park.

Be Considerate. Rules Strictly Enforced
Please come with a mask to be worn at check-in. Our new safety policies will be strictly enforced. Adventures staff will be wearing face shields when harnessing guests, and will have appropriate PPE at all times. Safety must come first, with enjoyment a close second!

Boundless Adventures Offerings!

Every Skill Level!
They have obstacle courses available for tree climbers of every skill level, whether you’re a beginner or an adrenaline-addicted climbing pro from ages 7 and up.

There are 4 different types of courses in varying degrees of difficulty, and 9 courses in total. Each course consist of a number of elements (aka obstacles) developed to test your boundaries. Choose your own adventure based on your height, fitness level and comfort zone. See here for more info on courses and levels.

Spectators Welcome!
Walking paths and benches are available throughout the park for guests to enjoy. There is no charge for parking or admission to watch your family and friends while they play in the trees.

All tickets are valid for 3 hours of climbing time from time purchased unless otherwise specified. Tickets include an additional 30 minutes of initial orientation.

Climbers can conquer as many courses as they like during their three hour admission window which begins after the safety briefing.

Hours of Operation

Spring Schedule 2020 (June 4 – June 19)
General Admissions:
Thursday-Friday 11AM-7PM
Saturday-Sunday 9AM-8PM

Summer Schedule 2020 (June 20 – Sept 7)
Monday-Thursday 9AM-6PM
Friday-Sunday 9AM-8PM

All visitors must sign our waiver before they can enter our park.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

Boundless Adventures
154 River Road West, Berlin MA

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