FREE Home Depot Kids’ Workshop 2/2: Heart Candy Box!

There’s no reason your kids shouldn’t be put to work swinging a hammer. Well, I mean, not at your house, but Home Depot welcomes the little builders!

On scheduled Saturdays each month, Home Depot offers a free workshop for kids to build their own wooden masterpiece. Designed for kids ages 5-12, but all ages welcome! I’ve taken my kids when they were 3 and 4 and although they weren’t too adept at the hammering, they loved the stickers and painting parts!

Show up anytime between 9am and 12pm, and your child will be outfitted with the hallmark orange apron and the tools to create a wooden “whatever” (each month is a new project). And yes, they get to bring their timbered showpiece home for all to admire, along with a certificate of achievement and a snazzy pin for their apron. Did we mention it was FREE? Good job Deeps, we salute you.

This week’s project: Heart Candy Box
Celebrate love and kindness with a personalized candy heart box. In this workshop, you and your child can build a heart shaped box for Valentine’s Day perfect as a gift for someone you love or to stash all your super sweet Valentine’s Day goodies and keepsakes. Once the heart is built, your child can customize it with paint and stickers.

Saturday, February 2, 2019
Stop in any time between

Kids’ Workshop held at all Home Depot locations (although it’s always a good idea to call first)

For information on monthly projects or workshop details, visit the Home Depot Kids’ Workshop website.

    26 Responses

      1. Kay

        I see little bitty kid’s building projects at our store also adults with disabilities who the age does not apply to. As long as you are able to help them it shouldn’t matter. Maybe just call and ask first at your local store.

    1. Percillia

      This will be my first time going and I can’t wait to take my two year old :). I’m sure she will have a blast.

    2. Lori

      I have a 10 year old boy, and we’ve been going since he was about 2 1/2 – 3. He loves making the probjects, and while he doesn’t need my help anymore it is still fun to get out and do. He actually looks forward to them each month, and remembers that they are always the first Saturday.

    3. Jessica

      I’d like to post a HUGE thank you to Home Depot for having this for kids! I’m getting ready to take my daughter to her 1st workshop today, the best thing is my dad is joining us and he’s really excited too!

    4. Joan Kelley

      We took our children when they were little ones. ( we still have some of the projects and badges!) Now our children,
      and sometimes us as Grandparents, take THEIR children! My grandchildren are so thrilled and excited for each project. My 5 yeat old granddaughter displays her project pins on her work apron and proudly wears it each month. She also has her own little toolbox, with tools. She buys a new tool each month and loves to help fix things at home if needed. Thank you Home Depot for building such memories for our family!

    5. David Reynolds

      We have been taking our grandson since he was 3 years old he now is 9. He loves going and we love taking him. Patrick is fabulous that runs it.

    6. Gladys

      I take my two kids to these workshops. And my 4yr old has since found a passion for trying to use tools at home even when it’s not needed but we love it! And they look forward to putting on their Home Depot apron and going every month!

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