NEW! Worth the Trip: Play, Create & Discover at the Children’s Museum in Providence!

I’ve been wanting to take my three year old, Emma to the Children’s Museum in Providence for awhile now. I’ve heard great things about their toddler/pre-school aged exhibits. What was especially fun about this museum was its dedication to creating enchanting spaces. The fort room feels like a fort from door to floor to ceiling; Littlewoods is enchanting and the space from floor to seating to play structures all fit within the theme. There is an area with a “bridge” and a truck on top and a boat underneath for kids to make believe in.

I couldn’t possibly tell you everything that is in this museum, but I will share some of the highlights of our trip!

I think the new “Coming to Rhode Island” exhibit was Emma’s favorite. The “time tunnel” takes you through the history of Rhode Island’s immigration history. Emma loved the ship where she spent a long time moving from the deck to the hull, trying out the sails and the anchor, playing with the food below deck and climbing on the ladders. She also loved Fort Adams where she could pretend to harvest vegetables and stack bricks to fortify the columns and windows of the fort.

Another fun area of the museum is “Littlewoods,” designed for, and restricted to, visitors infant to age four. Even at three, I could tell she was getting a bit old for this room, but she loved the tree house with the slide and the bear cave to walk through. She spent more time in this room than I thought she would! For younger kids, there is a small bridge, a boat see-saw and wagons for carrying play rocks.

I think we could have devoted hours to the water room, which features pools of water, mist and ice. Emma loved throwing balls and other items into the water vortexes. I loved that they had taller tables for bigger kids and smaller tables, vortexes and funnels for the smallest guests. Emma seemed a good age for both spaces so she was able to enjoy the whole room. Boats floated down the waterways and kids redirected mist using pipe pieces; kids could “paint” on a chalkboard with wet paintbrushes or mold ice into different shapes.

The staff is clearly committed to kid’s learning through discovery and creation at this children’s museum. Upstairs there are numerous tables set up with different types of building blocks and challenges for creating

There are endless items and areas to explore! We can’t wait to go back in the spring to check out their outdoor spaces, which sound equally inviting and exciting.


  • Get there early. Parking fills up quickly but when we arrived at 9 on a cold Saturday morning, opening time, there were plenty of spots. We also had lots of time to explore the space before the crowds came. There is street parking available as well.
  • Check the schedule for other building events!
  • There is a coatroom and strollers to borrow for free plus there is a large ramp to make it accessible and easy on families with small children. The spaces can be tight in spots so definitely don’t bring large strollers.
  • Events for February Vacation week feature hands on and creative activities to keep the kids entertained. Check it out here. Although usually closed Mondays, they will be open the Monday of vacation week!

Providence Children’s Museum
100 South Street, Providence RI




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