With few snow days this year, our summer vacation is actually two weeks longer than usual! Maybe we will finally do all the activities on the list! Here are some of our ideas for summer 2019, free and local to far and more expensive.

  1. Explore our local parks and find some new favorites too I hope.
  2. Walk and explore the Rail Trail on sections we haven’t had a chance to explore yet
  3. Make a trip (or several) to Davis Farmland. Sun screen, beach hat and swim suits – we could spend the afternoon at just the splash park
  4. Day trip to area beaches like Hampton or Salisbury beach. Build some sand castles!
  5. Day trip to Boston and visit the Boston Harbor Islands. Check out the fort, beaches etc.
  6. Work on my (endless) summer reading list
  7. Worcester Art Museum  The first Sunday of the month is free!
  8. Check out Old Sturbridge Village. It’s Free on August 30! 
  9. Bring the family to the library to restock our shelves with books or rent a movie for a rainy summer night movie night.
  10. Visit the Ecotarium – A favorite since I was very young and I’m looking forward to meet the new Big Cats!
  11. We’ve never taken our little ones to a car show, so I am adding it to the list! Plus ice cream if you go to Cruisin’ at the Mansion
  12. Day trip to Look Park in Florence, Ma – with a mini zoo, a spray park, a steamer train and some playground equipment, this will be a favorite of my little ones I’m sure.
  13. Our four year old and one year old are the perfect ages for the Springfield Dr. Seuss Museum. 
  14. Head down to the Providence Children’s Museum that I had the privilege to explore last year. We want a chance to see their awesome outdoor spaces too on this next trip!
  15. My daughter loves summer outdoor concerts – running, playing and dancing usually with some sort of ice cream or snack to picnic with. Our favorite summer band is the kid band Toe Jam Band. Check the calendar of events for dates and times of local summer concerts.
  16. Continue working on our family garden and harvest some of our vegetables. Learn some kid friendly recipes that my daughter can help with.
  17. Go camping at Nickerson State Park and Dennison State Park – beaches, lakes, bike riding and campfires. Kid heaven.
  18. Ice cream. We will be on a quest for Central MA’s best ice cream.
  19. See a show at Drawbridge Puppet Theater.  My 4 year old loves the plays here. And she loves to explore the enchanted garden before and after the show.
  20. Day trip to the Boston Public Market, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway and Boston Aquarium. All one fun day of food, penguins and water fountains for splashing and playing.
  21. Walk through the Tower Hill gardens perhaps for their Wind, Wave & Light Exhibit. Maker space activities sounds like a blast for the kids.
  22. Feed a giraffe at the Roger Williams Zoo and ride their beautiful carousel at the nearby Carousel Village.
  23. We are finally going to make the trek up to Storyland for our first trip ever!
  24. The The Discovery Museum in Acton is amazing! We will for sure have to visit and play in their incredible tree house.

The summer is never long enough to do all the things on our to do list, but it is a lot of fun to make one together. Dream big. What’s on your summer list?

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