Get your free Stop & Shop “Grow & Learn Program” at stores running May 11-June 28!

The Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. LLC has launched its first-ever Grow & Learn Program, with the aim to teaching young gardeners how to grow their own vegetables and herbs. Starting this month and while supplies last, the grocer will give away free seed pods and activity books to customers. seed pods, featuring 20 varieties of vegetables and herbs, will be available by the indoor or outdoor floral displays for customers to help themselves to as they leave Stop & Shop locations in Massachusetts from May 28-June 11!

As well as with the activity booklet, customers can track the progress of their seedlings with Stop & Shop’s free Grow & Learn app. Available via the Apple App Store or Google Play, the app unlocks a digital garden, where kids can watch their plants grow through augmented reality while learning tips, tricks and recipe, along with information on each plant, interactive word searches and more.

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        Hello! We have readers in other New
        England states and that is the reason we decided to go with the full roll out date in our title. In the body of the feature we list the exact dates for Mass in bold. I hope this doesn’t cause any confusion. Thanks for contacting us! WCKC

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