Hey Dads, wondering what to get Mom for her big day? Shelve the “I-think-she-mentioned-wanting-a-new-saucepan” idea and get a clue from our no-fail gift ideas below. You can thank us later.

#1 Gift Cards

Normally I would sneer at gift cards as a personal gift, but think about it like this—parents rarely spend money on something just for themselves and with a gift card, it’s permission to be self-indulgent. Don’t get a certificate to a store that sells things like toilet paper or children’s bathing suits because we like to get sidetracked and buy stuff we “need” instead of things we “want”.  So boring.

Get a gift certificate to somewhere just for mom depending on her interests. Maybe Sephora (new makeup, perfume or skin care) or Homegoods (housewares and home furnishings). Or even the liquor store for a fancy bottle of wine that isn’t from the $10 bin. Fun!

#2 Girls’ Night Out

This one is a total layup. Get a gift certificate to a local restaurant and offer to stay in with the kids while she gathers her tribe for a fun evening gorging on carbs and cocktails. Also gives Mom a reason to put on actual clothes (just me?). Moms need girlfriend/adult time and often aren’t able to make it priority. Get going on this one, Dads. You know what they say, “Happy wife, happy life.”

#3 Car Detail

Have you sat in the back seat of a Mom’s car lately? A small family and probably their dog could feed themselves comfortably for several days just from the food stuck in the seat crevices. And the trash? Dumpster fires have been started with less. Purchase a gift certificate for a car detail at one of your local shops. Armor All = love.

#4 Home Indulgence

Last year for Mother’s Day I was given a hammock that was perfectly situated in our backyard under a shady tree. It’s pure bliss. Create an area of indulgence for Mom at home—some new super-soft throw blankets for her favorite chair, bath oils and aromatic candles for the bathtub, even a subscription to no-brainer magazine like People or Us makes for a relaxing respite. Help create a space for Mom take a breath, and bonus points for keeping the kids away while she’s taking a few minutes to herself.

#5 Breakfast in Bed

This one seems a little cliché but is a total winner every time. You don’t have to go crazy—one Mother’s Day when my kids were about 5 and 6 they made me Breakfast in Bed which consisted of some mangled strawberries, a few celery stalks and a homemade card. It’s still one of my favorite gestures of all time. Oh, and please do the dishes afterward.

Please don’t forget to include a few handwritten words of appreciation and love. Gifts are wonderful, but a heartfelt thank you is what every mom needs to hear. Happy Mother’s Day!


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