Don’t miss a single thing! Creating your family’s Summer Bucket List.

It never fails. Every August 20th or so I start crying in my soup about all the stuff I *wanted* to do during the summer but *just didn’t get to it*. For that matter, what exactly *did* I do?

This summer is going to be different. I’m making a Bucket List. We’re going to do so much, and have so much fun, the kids will be begging to be bored again. Ha!

When creating and using your Bucket List, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration. Such as…

#1 Make a ridiculously large list
When you compile your bucket list, include anything and everything you might like to do at some point during the summer, even if you know you couldn’t possibly get to them all. You never know— you may refer to the list on a day when you have only a couple hours, or it’s raining, or you also have the neighbors’ kids, or NO kids (see #2). A big list will give you plenty of options.

#2 Include parent-only activities on the list, too
Who says kids should have all the fun? Be sure to add some activities that you and your spouse/friend/family/dog would be interested in doing. Personally, going to the beach ALONE with an iced coffee and a good book is truly my idea of paradise. Besides, Nana needs some QT time with the kids.

#3 Get the kids involved, but don’t let them dictate
Sometimes I mistakenly get my kids too involved with a decision and it ends up biting me in the rear because even though we’ll choose something fun to do, they didn’t agree with the day’s choice and are complete stinkers the whole way there. You know the game. Instead, have the kids help you compile the initial list; then on your “activity” day, YOU choose three options (based on cost, weather, your patience level, etc.) to draw randomly out of hat. No arguments. Done.

#4 Get the family together to make a Summer Memory Scrapbook
Hahahahahahahahahaha. Right. I’ll be lucky if the photos I took make it off my iPhone before my kids go to college.

What’s on your Bucket List? Share with us some new ideas in the comments below!

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